Saturday, December 21, 2013

Elf on the Shelf. Days 15-21. By the middle of Day 21, the Elves were GONE!!!

Are you wondering where this month has gone??  I know I sure am!

Only 4 days until the BIG GUY arrives and I have to say this is the first year in MANY years that I actually do not feel "prepared"!  *slight panicked tone*

Anywho, Tangled and Guy have been up to some more adventures this week.  Check it out...

Note:  Just click on the photos to enlarge

Day 15- Guy and Tangled decide to send the kids on a little "treasure hunt" to find there special surprise this morning.  They loved trying to guess the riddles to find their Elves and then their advent prize for the day!!
This was on the post in the living room that they saw first thing when they woke up.

Which lead them to the Elves who were handing out in the freezer.
(Tangled and Guy were trying out their new scarfs and boots they got from Santa!!)

This clue lead them to their morning surprise... the bathroom were some pretty neat "snow-blowing" wands!!

Day 16-  The Elves took it "easy" this morning and hung out on the Christmas tree but they were nice enuff to bring the kids some new ornaments for their trees in their rooms.

Day 17-  It was tea PAR-tay time in our house.  Tangled and Guy gathered with a few "festive" friends and snacked on pretzels and enjoyed some "tea".  They left the kids some Gingerbread "cookies" to decorate!

Day 18-  The Elves decided to have a wrapping paper fight as they got into mama's wrapping paper.  We think it was a "draw" as both Tangled & Guy ended up covered in wrapping paper and tape.  They did manage to wrap a new pair of PJ's for each of the kids before wrapping themselves!  LOL!

Day 19- Ave & Bryce were heading to Grandma & Grandpa's for the day so the Elves found these aprons from last Christmas and a package of cookies for them to bring over to their grandparents.

Day 20-  Keeping in time with last weeks camping trip, Tangled and Guy roasted some marshmallows over an open fake fire and left the kids a few to have in the morning AS WELL AS some skittles.  (Mom made them wait until the afternoon to have these!)

Day 21-  ALL ABOARD!  Those Elves were BUSY during the night setting up a train set AND getting a special delivery from our close family friends in Porcupine.  They LOVED watching that train go around and around and around and around....

 ...too bad they were super-extra NAUGHTY during the day because Santa called Tangled and Guy back to the North Pole early and left them with a very "serious" message .  Imagine there surprise when they got up from their nap and their elves and train were GONE?!?!

  I THINK it has been a successful maneuver as we have had two little angels on our hands this evening.  Guess I better get to planning day number 22...LMAO!

It was quite the "dramatic" letter reading session with the kids...
They kept asking where their elves were and where the train was...

Good Bye Train...until next year!

Only 4 days left and then all this Elf-ing will be over.  

A part of me is happy (it's a lot of work) BUT a bigger part of me is sad because I know these magical years of Elf-ing are going to be short-lived and I hate knowing that I will not be able to use this behaviour modification "Elf-thing" forever someday my kids will not believe in the magic of Elf-ing...or will they?!?!?!

Happy Elf-ing Everyone!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Santa: One year later and I would still like the same things under my tree this year. Pleeezzzeee....

I noticed the other day that this post has got some recent "hits" over the last couple weeks so I went back an re-read what I had "requested" from the BIG GUY just over 12 months ago AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?!

I STILL need the same "things" from last year...I guess I was on his naughty list last year?  With any luck, I made it on the NICE list or at the VERY LEAST the "Not-AS-Naughty" List...LMAO!

I thought that since some of you who have recently started checking in on my blog-nonsense likely missed this last year and that you might relate to this mama and have a little chuckle all at the same time.  I bet some of these are on YOUR list too! *wink, wink*

(This has been re-posted from December 2012)

Dear Santa:

How are you doing?  I bet you are super tired and so ready for the holiday season to be over!  You must work you a$$ off to get toys to all those little boys and girls around the world and unfortunately, many of them are likely unappreciative little tyrants.  I promise to never complain about any job I might acquire again.  PROMISE.

I hate to write to you on such short notice but I was reminded by a fellow mommy blogger, Mama Kat, that adults can ask you for a few "wish lists" items too.  It's been so many years since I took the time to write to you, even to just say "HI"...sorry 'bout that.  It almost seems a little selfish and self centered that the minute I "want" something, you're this first person that comes to mind.  In all fairness, you can't really blame me because you made every single one of my dreams come true as a child.  Man, you were so generous.  Did I ever say thank you?  Gosh I hope so, if not, THANKS A MILLION. 

I know you are one busy dude so I wont take up to much more of your time.  I am kinda beating around the bush as I am not one to make special requests for myself.  I am more of a giver than receiver.  Not that I don't "get" things from others, I am just way more comfortable being on the giving end of things than the receiving end.  Anywho, I am just gonna put this out there and see if I have fallen on that "Good List" of yours, or not.  (If I AM on the naughty list, I am 99.9% I can explain, please give me a holler before just writing my requests off...pleezzee.)

Here are a few "things" I would really, REALLY, R.E.A.L.L.Y appreciate under my tree this year.  You know, if your not too exhausted and of course, used up all your "magic dust"...

  • One extra hour added to each day.  I just seem to have more things on my "To-Do-List" than time allows.
  • One day added to each week.  Again, another day would elevate so much of the above mentioned list.
  • Now that I think about it and while you are magically adding time to the world, how's about adding one more month to the calendar year.  Not only is my "To-Do-List" HUGE, I am getting old way too fast and I want a little more time on this glorious planet.  AND, it's not just a gift for me, it's for everyone.  You included.  It's a WIN-WIN-WIN if you ask me! (See, I AM a giver...your welcome.)
  • I'd love a "look" that "works".  You know the one I am talking about dontcha big guy?  The "look" that tells my kids "I've had enough...that's enough...ENOUGH!".  One that actually works like ALL.THE.TIME. I'd ask you for some personalize message but I know that wont work when they are 40 years old like my mom's "look" does to this day with me.   I am thinking like an instructional video or something like that?!?!?! (If it's some kinda mask or something...that would work too!  I am not picky just desperate.)
  • A Robot Slave Helper. I hear that this whole "IRobot" age is coming soon so, I am thinking you might be able to use your contact list and get me a prototype (not a totally out-of-control one, if you can help it).  I'd be more than willing to sign some kinda disclosure that I wont leave my Robot alone with the kids (unless it's an emergency) to "test" out it's cleaning, cooking and errand running capabilities.  Again, it's kinda a gift for others too because I could be the guinea pig for mothers around the world.  I'm just saying...
  • With all the advances in robotics, I am sure "they" have come up with some kind of invisible shield that could protect my children from all the dangers in the world.  It would really help me sleep better at night and might even elevate some of my anxiety that I am sure is the cause of my psoriasis condition.  If they can spare a 3rd invisible shield, I'd like one for Daddy Dave too because I am pretty sure I am not cut out for single parenting ( and because I DO really love him...LOTS!).
  • I know this is a list of impossibilities...or is it???  In the event that it IS I'd appreciate a box really good bottle of red wine or two.  It will help me feel like there is more time, provide me with a "look"  that may work (likely a bit scary but whatever!), motivate me to manage the house (ok, maybe not) and while it won't protect my family, it might make me forget about the lurking dangers around every corner .

Thanks Santa.  You're the best.  

Love Always,

Monday, December 16, 2013

Elf on the Shelf. Days 8-14. Tobagganing, baking and camping...

It was another busy week around this house Elf-ing around!  Tangled and Guy were up to some pretty naughty BUT mostly, fun adventures.  Check it out...

  • In case you missed HERE to check out Days 1-7
  • If you want to know how to wire-up your HERE
  • And if you need a few "ideas" on what to do with that Elf of HERE!

Note:  Click on pictures to  enlarge

Day #8-  Those silly Elves decided to toboggan down the stairs in the kids shoes.  They brought them some warm slippers to wear no but NO!, no you cannot slid down the stairs in them too.  Sorry Bryce.

Day #9-  Tangled and Guy got into a box of Rice Krispies and decided to make Ave & Bryce some treats to bring to their classmates at pre-school on Monday morning. Thanks guys! 

Day #10-  The kids were so surprised and in awe to see all the adventures their Elves have been participating in while they've been out of the house or sleeping. They had hung over 22 pictures of themselves all around the living room.

 Since Tangled & Guy had so much fun snapping photos, they brought the kids some new cameras so they could try their hands at photography too!

Day #11-  It was time to play a game.  Ave & Bryce's favorite game...HIDE n' SEEK!  They were quick to find those Elves hiding in some glasses in the kitchen cupboard.  

Day #12-  Tangled & Guy decided to take ride on Rudolph today.  They left the kids some super-cool growing Christmas thingies.  It kept them entertained and engaged for the rest of the week as their tree and snowman grew in a  bowl of water!!

Day #13-  It was time to get CLEAN!  Those silly Elves decided to take a cotton ball bubble bath!  They left them a little something special to drop in the tub when they had their next bath.  They turned out to be socks...awesome!!

Day #14-  The countdown to camping season is on!  Tangled and Guy pitched a tent right under our Christmas Tree and had a little camping PAR-tay!  The kids LOVED their new sleeping bags and joined the Elves for a little camping "slumber party" in the morning!

Happy Elf-ing Everyone!!

See you next week for more Elf on the Shelf Adventures!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I believe. I REALLY do. Do you??

I've had some discussions recently with friends about that time in our lives when we found out HE  (the big jolly guy in a red suit) wasn't "real"...I've re-posted this for the last 2 years as it details my own experience in what many would say is when I lost some of my childhood innocence but honestly, for me, it only enhanced the MAGIC of the seasons and made me a true BELIEVER, even at the ripe old age of 40...LOL! 

 I know that when this time comes with Ave & Bryce that I will have the wisdom and grace to give my children the gift of "forever believing".  Thanks MOM! xoxo

Re-posting from December 2012...

When the"IS HE or ISN'T HE REAL" (Santa) question came up for me as a child it was one of the most memorable, devastating AND greatest life lessons I learned during my childhood.  Rewind about 30 years...

It was a long time tradition at my house that my mom and I would gather in her room and wrap Christmas presents.  I looked forward to this most.  Aside from Christmas morning, of course.  I fancied myself as a "professional" gift wrapper.  I learned at a very young age the "art" of cutting the paper ever so perfectly so that the corners would fold "just right".  I loved to don the parcels with ribbons and bows galore...sometimes to the extremes, read...tacky.

Anywho, the way it would work is that my mom would sit on one side of the bed (on the floor) and wrap and I would sit on the other side, so we couldn't see each other's gifts we were wrapping.  I was always responsible for wrapping her friends gifts and that somehow made me feel really important.   When we were done each gift we would place it up on the bed and admire one an others "talents".  I never paid much attention as to who's presents she was wrapping, I was far more interested in comparing my "wrap job" to hers. (I always thought mine was far superior...for the record...LOL!)   I was probably about 8 or maybe even 9 years old when I looked over and read the tag on one of the gifts she had wrapped...I was SHOCKEDHere is the conversation that ensued, the best I can recall:

Me- "To Ginger, From Santa.  WHAT?  How can this gift to me, be from Santa?"  All of a sudden all those comments I had heard for years from the kids at school flooded back into my mind.  The ones where the kids talked about how Santa wasn't real.  I was one of the few who never paid much mind to those statements and would often challenge and "defend" the big fat guy's validity.

Mom- "Ummm.....Ummmmm....I thought you knew?"

Me- "Knew what?  That he isn't real.  Are you telling me he isn't real?"  In hindsight, I was being overly dramatic about the whole thing.  But in my defense, I felt like my entire existence was now in question.  How could THIS BE

Mom- "I really thought you knew." Poor mom.  She felt so bad.

Me- "I guess I do now." I was so defeated.  Sad.

Mom- As always, my mom knew just what to say, "Santa IS real Ginger.  He lives in our hearts and he is the spirit of  receiving but more importantly, of giving.  Santa will always come to our house, every year, as long as you believe."

I was positive that had I stopped believing at that very moment, Christmas would be forever ruined.  I never questioned if Santa was real again. Never. I also learned that the Christmas season was more about giving, than receiving.  That Christmas, I bought my Cabbage Patch doll tons of presents from Santa.  All the gifts I purchased for my parents...yup, you guessed it...they were from Santa too!  I remember feeling such elation and joy, despite the heartbreaking truth I had learned only a few weeks beforehand.

Fast forward a couple months after that Christmas...I lost a tooth.  When that sucker popped outta my mouth my first instinct should have been to get it under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy to bring me some cold hard cash BUT it wasn't.  Nope.  Instead I wrote "The Tooth Fairy" a long letter.  I can't remember what it said because that wasn't what was really important...not at all! You see, since I had just found out Santa wasn't "real" I thought I'd best test the waters on my hunch that the Tooth Fairy was also not "real".  Ya, I was a sneaky kid.  In a good way though.  

Morning came and as anticipated there was some cash under my pillow and the note was gone.  I held on to the glimmer of hope I had that the Tooth Fairy might be for real as I looked in my wastepaper basket and it was empty.  As I made my way to the garbage in the bathroom I had a little skip in my step which quickly turned into a mini-jig when I did not discover my note there either.  I was just about to raise my hands and sing a song of "Hallelujah, not all is lost...the Tooth Fairy exists" and then it hit me.   NO!  No, it will NOT be in there.  I slowly made my way to my parents bedroom and quickly glanced over the dresser at their heart sank.  I grabbed the crumbled up paper and ran to the top of the stairs yelling..."WHAT IS THIS???  I knew she wasn't real either!!!"  Before I could get too worked up, I heard my mom yelling at my father...

"I TOLD you NOT to put that letter in the garbage Barry!!"

To which my father calming replied, "What the hell is she doing rooting around in garbage's anyways?"

As my mom ran up the stairs to do "damage control" she yelled back, "I just knew it was a trap.  I told you if was a TRAP!!!!"

Mom did her best to calm me down and went through the same " long as you believe...blah, blah, blah" spiel and on I went with my day with another lost part of my childhood to contend with.

Easter was a few weeks after that and I just "went with it" and had a blast searching for my Easter eggs on the annual, much anticipated hunt.  I graciously and appreciatively accepted my basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny, even though I knew mom & dad were the ones to be thanking.  I  had no tricks up my sleeve that Easter.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  LMAO!

And for the record, each and every tooth I lost after that went right under the pillow and cash "magically" appeared.  After all, my mom told me IF you just believe...

Merry Christmas and Remember...NEVER stop believing!!


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