Friday, April 5, 2013

Saturday Songs That Make Us Sing Link Up Party! Pray the ship don't go down...

...or MORE LIKELY break down!!  LMAO!

What am I talking about?!?!?!

Come join me and Becca from Because I'm the Mommy and link up to our Playlist of songs that make US sing!  Here are just a few guidelines or at this point...forget the "rules" and just link up!!!

1. Please Follow the TWO of "Us" (we're so much more than just songs...LOL) If you're a new follower please leave us a comment so we can follow you back!

2. Pick A Song...any song that makes you wanna sing! Old-New-Country-Pop-Punk...anything goes. (Let's try to keep it family friendly if we can...LOL) If you want, tell us why the song makes you wanna SING!

3. Add your link to the "Playlist"

4. We'd REALLY like you to copy the Linky Code (just click on "get the code") in to your post so your blogger buds can join in on the fun or link back to the both of us so they can at least "find" the party, but you don't have to.

5. We'd love to see the video of your song (which can easily be shared via but if you just wanna list your favorite song of the day, we're "cool" with that too! 

Daddy Dave & I are about to sail the ocean blue with our Bestie's, LeeAnn & Jerry!  

That's right we are headed to Port Canaveral on Sunday to embark upon the Carnival Sensation and with all the recent "trials & tribulations" surrounding the Carnival boat fleet, I thought it was only appropriate to sing along to the infamous Titanic theme song this week...

Wish Us Luck!!  Yes.  Yes we have packed snacks and "beverages" in the event we run into any issues...LMAO!

1 comment:

  1. Did you bring a port-a-potty? ;)

    Good luck and have a good time!



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