Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bend It Like Beckham. I Mean Bowes...

Ok, so nobody gave me a heads up on how entertaining 3 year olds playing soccer would be?!?!?! Could it be because of all my friends, past and present, we are the only family that actually enrolled our 3 year old kids to play soccer?  Maybe.  But I highly doubt it.  

So, I am taking it upon myself to share, share sugar bear and tell all parents of 3 year olds to "GET THEM INTO SOCCER!"  You will not be disappointed.

It's great exercise.  The kids love running around in the fresh air.  It's a perfect way to "pass" the evening before bedtime.  It helps build the foundation of sportsmanship and love of sports (I think LOL!).  But if for nothing else...it will be the most hilarious, never-soon-to-forget, parenting experience so far in their short three years of life.

Ave & Bryce are always super excited on Monday's because that's soccer night.  You'd think they were semi-pro athletes if you were a fly on our walls because they get all "pumped" to kick the ball and score!  They can hardly take the time to finish their dinner before they are asking to get into their uniforms (which are 5 sizes too big which results in a whole lotta cuteness if you ask me!)...

Superstar Bryce- Player #9             Superstar Ave- Player #8
When we get there, they are honestly, superstars with the warm-up exercises.  Kicking the ball back and forth between pylons, listening very careful to the coaches instructions and following them to a "T" and then...when it's game time, all super-stardom flies out the window or up to the sky so it goes and this is when the real FUN begins!

Yup, those are my kids.  Holding hands and running everywhere BUT towards the ball.

Yup, those are my kids taking an unregulated break as the rest of team kicks a$$ out on the field.

Yup, those are my kids having the time of their lives as mama giggles & (shamefully, ok, not really shamefully!) displays a little 'Soccer Mom" in her.

Maybe your kid will Bend it Like Beckham but with any luck, they'll Bend it Like <INSERT YOUR LAST NAME HERE>!  LMAO!


  1. omg, entertaining indeed! good thing there is not playground near by as they may run to that!

  2. Hahahahaha! Was there a kid on your team wearing a pirate hat??? If so, I like that kid's style!

  3. LMAO!!!! That's hilarious!! Where did they get that athletic ability? So much like Mama and Daddy Dave LOLOLOL.....LOVE IT!!!! lol



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