Sunday, May 26, 2013

Come Dine With Me. The Ultimate Girlz NIGHTS Out ...

I haven't been blogging lately because I have been busy having tons of fun with the ladies cleaning my house and tending to the children.  That's the truth.  The first.  Not the latter.

Are you familiar with the British show Come Dine With Me?  How 'bouts the Canada version?  Kay, well I am aaddicted take a moment or two from time to time to check these shows out.  I have wanted to throw my own fun version of this show with my girlfriends here in Calgary but since they are all too lame busy to have actually watched these shows, they had no idea what the hell I was talking about and never showed any interest.  So, I did what anyone would do...I convinced my mom and her Bays End Manor friends to "play along" with me AND WE HAD A TOTAL BLAST!!!! (You missed out Calgary friends...big time!)

Basically, here is how it all works (as copied and pasted from the Canadian website):

"In this ultimate and original dinner party series, five strangers cook up their idea of a perfect evening over five consecutive nights. The heat is on each competitor to out-cook, out-host and out-entertain each other for the chance to win the title of ultimate dinner party host and a $1,000 cash prize. With biting narration by radio personality Jamie Carr, find out whose recipe for the ultimate dinner party goes down best."

Sounds like fun eh?  Well, let me tell sure was!!!  Only there wasn't a $1000 dollar prize AND there were 13 of us AND we had 3 teams AND we did it over a 6 nights BUT it was as close to the "real deal" as we could get it!

Check It Out...You may need to click on the "Click here to view this book larger" AND it may take a bit to load but the wait is WELL WORTH IT...I promise!

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P.S.  Dear My Calgary Girlfriends:   If you would like to partake in this super-fun-awesome experience, you may be able to talk me into putting together a Calgary Come Dine With Me version in the near future.  Maybe.  Probably.  Oh who am I kiddin'???  Call me.  NOW.  Let's DO THIS!!!


  1. It’s a very entertaining idea and a fun way to enjoy with friends and family. It seems from the pictures that all of you had a great time hosting this event. I would also love to try this out with my family as we are all together at the moment preparing for my sister’s wedding next month at one of the beautiful Chicago venues.



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