Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dr. Seuss 3rd Birthday Party!!

Ave & Bryce turned THREE years old last week back in January and I am JUST getting around to posting all the fabulous details...LOL!

For those of you who know me well, I am sure you are SHOCKED that it has taken me so long to post all the WONDERFULNESS of that day.  (You know, since I start planning all the details for their NEXT Birthday 11 months 30 days after their CURRENT Birthday...LMAO!)

I have taken an extended break from blogging for a variety of reasons but I was feeling a little "refreshed" this evening and thought I'd post pics of the kids 3rd Birthday Party...Dr. Seuss Style!

*Click on pictures to enlarge*
Nothing sets the stage for a fun celebration than a really cool invite.  I made these online at  uprint where they will send you a digital file that you can print as many or as few as you need.

I love personalized banners and given how inexpensive they are, I feel that they truly add something special to a very special day for the kids!

I decorated the fireplace with with "fishies".  Ave & Bryce got a "Red Fish" & "Blue Fish" as part of their Birthday present and one of the games was "Guess how many goldfish in the container" (located in the center there).  Written on the Thing 1 & 2 cards read "One Fish, Two Fish.  Red Fish, Blue fish."

I printed out a bunch of Dr. Seuss  "wisdom quotes" from his books and posted them all over the house.

As silly as Dr. Seuss books are...

...there is some great "messages" in his writing!!

I also displayed all the Dr. Seuss books we had all over the house...

...including the washroom!  LOL!

Gotta have balloons!

Another little something I did was write cute sayings on Thing 1 and 2 cards.  This one is from the ABC book but in the washroom I wrote, "You Would Not.  Could Not.  Forget  to Wash Your Hands."
The "spread" included: veggies, fruit, sandwiches, cheese, crackers & chips.

I colored the mayo green for the egg salad sandwiches  for the "Green Eggs" & made simple ham sandwiches to go with was HIT!
The kids had a blast eating at their own separate kid size tables. (purchased at IKEA for only $25 a set which includes 1 table, 2 chairs)
As always, the cakes are an important part of Ave & Bryce's Birthday.  

Keeping with tradition over the last 2 years, we got them a "joint" cupcake cake for all the guests with their picture on it.

And then they each got their own "Special" cake!  Being twins, I think it's important to make sure they each feel like individuals on their Birthday and this is one of the many ways I try to do that.

In the past I have spent WAY too much money on these smaller cakes.  These ones were from Safeway for only $20/each and I added my own custom decorations to match the theme.

At 3 years old, there wasn't many games I could come up with that I thought would be appropriate so the kids played in the playroom most of the time.

I did come up with one idea.  GO FISH.  The kids had to search all over the house for "colored fishes" (attached to envelopes) and bring them to the "pond".  When all the children had found a fish, they opened up the envelope it was attached to and inside was numbers.  The child with number 1 when first and so on and so forth...

...they dropped a "fishing rod" into the "pond" where I had Calvin (one of the older kids) hidden and he attached a box of Swedish Fish to the end of the pole and gave it a "tug" and each kid reeled in their "Catch of the day"!  It was a TOTAL HIT!
Each child went home with the Dr. Seuss book "My Book About Me" where they will be able to fill in a variety of details about their lives over the next few years.  Kinda like a baby memory book, only for older kids.  Each adult and child also went home with a Dr. Seuss magnetic bookmark.


Adults and kids alike got into the Dr. Seuss spirit by wearing the famous...

..."Cat In the Hat" Hats!

Well, there you have it.  Another Year.  Another Birthday.  It's hard to believe how fast 3 years has come and gone.  I am already knee deep in plans for their 4th Birthday Party which is going to be a PRINCESSES & PIRATES themed celebration!

I figure I only got this...MAYBE the following 5th year (????) to choose the themes so, I best take advantage of it while I can!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ave & Bryce!!!

"The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go"
-I can read with my eyes shut!


  1. That's all adorable, Ginger! I had seen you pinning ideas way back when...I had been wondering about the party post! ;)

    We did a fun theme this past year, too, and I had such a blast with it. It seems easier to me when the kiddos are a bit older and can get in on more of the festivities. :)

  2. ADORABLE and all of it so clever.

    I'm with you - I also said to D we maybe have only 2 - 3 years left so I'm going ALL out on my themes!



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