Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Lost Art of the Thank You Card...

...the Thinking of You Card, the Get Well Soon Card, the Just to Say Hello Card...heck the whole lost art of the postal system!

I don't know about you but I still get giddy with excitement when I open up my mailbox and see a letter addressed to "moi" or to daddy Dave or the kids.  I get just about as giddy to see ANY piece of mail other than junk mail and/or generically addressed mail.  Even my bills with my actual name on it puts a smile on my face until I open it and the reality of having to pay the sum listed sets in. *sigh*

My point being is I LOVE mail.  I love getting it.  I LOVE sending it.  It's a lost art.  I am convinced that our postal system will eventually be one of those things we sit in our rocking chairs talking about with our grandchildren as a "Way back when I was a kid..." story.  You should see the "That ain't never gonna happen" looks when I express this "thought" of mine.  But how can you deny this possibility with most company's going "green", the ever so popular e-card services and the sheer lack of paper communication due to electronic correspondence convenience?!?!  (Don't get me wrong, I love my email too!)

But that's not what I wanted to rant talk about today.  I get sidetracked sometimes when a million thoughts are running through my mind.  Having not blogged in FO-ever, I have more than a few things I want to enlighten share with others.  LOL!

This morning I was reading one of parenting magazines on the etiquette's of children's birthday parties and one of the points stated that written thank yous are not necessary.  Sure, I get that they are not necessary but I do think they are important.

Disclaimer: Before I continue on, let me first say that I do not expect a thank you card from anyone.  That in itself would make a Thank You card less appreciated and valued.  Nor do I feel insulted or "judge" those who do not send Thank You cards.  It in no way reflects a person gratitude towards a gift I or my family have given them. This is not a post to slap the hands of those who do not send Thank You cards!

That being said, in my home, it does reflect the gratitude WE feel for gifts received and is a mandatory practice 'round here for my children.  Sure, they are only 3 year old and I am the one who is currently sending these off on their behalf BUT they are involved in the process as much as possible.  When I sit to write the cards, they are there asking a million and one annoying questions over and over questioning what I am doing.   When possible, they hand deliver these Thank You notes to people in person and they are my official "Stamp Stickers" when we mail them out.

I keep it real simple when they want an explanation.  "INSERT NAME HERE gave you INSERT GIFT HERE and you are now sending them a Thank You Card to express how grateful you are for their present."  When the ever so popular "Why?" question is asked over and over and over and over, I respond mater-of-factly, "Because that is the polite thing to do."

In my mind, it's not rocket science.  It's one of the ways in which I am trying to ensure my children do not grow up with a sense of entitlement.  While they are spoiled.  They are not spoiled rotten (at least I hope they are not).  I always say this about myself and hope my children will also say the same about themselves when they grow old and wise (just like mama);  I didn't want for anything growing up (or even now as an adult) BUT I appreciated everything I did/do have.  I was taught that you said "Thank You" for everything that was given.  Not just gifts but meals, rides, if someone held the door open for you, etc.  Everything.  

Gratitude...one of life's easiest lessons to teach.  In my opinion.

And so, as I cleaned my gift/party/storage room this weekend, I happened upon a box FULL of Thank You cards that I have picked up over the years.  I am talking, TONS of cards.  I think I bought some of them before I even had kids.  Some are very simple/generic and will be used for years to come.  Many of them are specifically designed for children.  The kind where, once they learn to write, they can fill in the blanks to express their appreciation for the MANY gifts and acts of kindness that are to come.  I am most excited about this.  The moment when my children will truly understand and participate in the lost art of sending a "Thank You" card.


  1. I'm horrible at the thank you card thing. And you're right about the postal system collapse. Starting in October (I think) our postal system is no longer delivering mail on Saturdays. People are getting laid off and they're consolidating facilities. The end is near(er)!

  2. Yes! Finally something about sdfghj.

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  3. I agree, Ging! I love to write actual cards and letters and pop them in the mail. It's cathartic for me, and I know I sure love to get REAL mail in the box. :)

    I think it's very important our kiddos learn to express thanks for things done for them. They love to do artwork and make cards already! Squee!

    So glad to see you back in the blogworld! (But what are those random comments? Looks like you're the proud recipient of some lovely spam. :/ )



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