Monday, June 3, 2013

A Cool End of the School Year Present. What Teacher Doesn't Love Candy??

That is Candy NOT consumed during regular school hours...LOL!

A couple years ago, my niece was wanting to make her Teacher something special to say "Thank You".  At that time I was in to making Candy Cards.  Naturally, I poured myself a glass of wine cup of coffee and got CREATIVE.

Since the school year is winding up here in Canada, I thought I'd post this as an idea that you are more than welcome to use.  My niece's teacher commented that it was one of the most creative and unique "gift" they had ever received and given to copious amounts of junk "gifts" our good teachers get every year...I think that says a lot!

Here are the verses you will need to print out and paste in between the variety of different candies (in case you can't see them clearly in the pictures)...

Dear Mr/Mrs (teacher’s name)

I wanted you to know that I think I totally “skor”d having you as my teacher this year!

You always had “pep” in your step and you never let your patience run “thin” even when the class was being a bunch of “smarties” or all “butterfingers”.

In a “crunch” I know everything you taught us this year will help me “Excel” in Grade (the grade the child is graduating in to).   OPTIONAL VERSE NOT USED IN PICS *My favorite thing I learned about this year was “Mars”, “Cherry Blossoms” or New “York (if these were any areas of studies)

I am not going to “Glosette” over the truth…your kindness and “bounty” has been greatly appreciated and I will miss you!

Thank you for making this year a “wonderbar”ful experience and wishing you a “starburst” kind of summer filled with fun and relaxation!

(Students Name)

Here is the completed masterpiece.  Just click on the photos to enlarge.

CLICK HERE for one to make for a mom-to-be!)

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  1. I made something along these lines as a birthday card for a friend...she loved it! It was so much fun to make, too. :)



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