Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Mommy Bucket List...

I am a pretty fun mom.  Most of the time.  

I like to sing and dance and act silly.  I try to expose my children to new any exciting adventures...that are not too messy or out of our "schedule" of living.  Ya, I know.  I need a Mommy Bucket List because I have noticed lately that the kids are missing out on some pretty FUN things because THIS mommy is too uncomfortable to step out of her mommy comfort zone which, for clarificiation purposes,  is just within the limits of messiness.

And so, I have decided to post my Mommy Bucket List and set a rough deadline of 6 months to cross all the following things off.  (As you read through these, keep in mind that I REALLY am a fun mom, I just have a hard time with mess and late night acitivties.  That all.  No biggie...right?!?!?!)

#1  I will allow my kids to have a total blast jumping in some puddles.  For many of you, this is probably something that is done on a fairly regular basis when mother nature has sent some rain from above.  For me, this is a total NO-NO.  I am cringing as I think about the mess it will create but a smile is also on my face as I think about how much fun the kids will have.

#2  I will allow them to eat an entire cupcake or piece of cake without taking of all most of the icing.  Again, M-E-S-S-Y! Again, I am cringing.  I could care less about the sugar, it's the mess that icing creates.  To push the envelope even further...I must make sure it is not vanilla frosting but a really bold color that will likely stain their cute little hands and faces.

#3  While we are on the subject of eating messing things.  I will allow my children the pleasure of eating one of their favorite meals, spaghetti, WITHOUT taking their shirts off and wearing a bib.  I will also not cut it into tiny little pieces and leave the spaghetti noodles long AND add tons of sauce.

#4  I will provide my children with the opportunity to FULL access to their water table and mud in the backyard.  I will NOT monitor the mess they make and/or provide any reminders about trying to "keep things clean".  I will also NOT USE the outside hose to "spray" them down afterwards.

#5  I will create opportunities that requires them to stay awake past their bedtime. I would love for them to watch the stars one night while I am home in Ontario, see a firework display, attend a drive in theatre, play glow stick bowling or other really cool things in the dark with glow sticks and experience the fun of sitting around a campfire singing songs and roasting marshmallows.  Note:  As long as I cover 2 of these items I can cross the entire point off my bucket list (my list. my rules.  LMAO!).

#6  I will invite all of Ave & Bryce's friends over, that's a total of 8 children, and throw the most MESSY SUNDAE MAKING PARTY ever!  I am talking sprinkles, chocolate sauce, whipping cream, candies, spoons WILL BE optional...the whole MESSY 9 YARDS AND I will not once attempt to wipe hands or faces until they are done enjoying their special treat!

#7  And this is a biggie!  I will take my kids to the beach and NOT COMPLAIN.  I will get down in the sand with them (cringe) and build sand castles with water  and I TOO will come home with sand in every nook and cranny of my body and I WILL NOT COMPLAIN.  I. Will. Not. Complain.

So, there you have it.  For many, this may seem like a list of "What?  Those are some of the basic fun things kids should be allowed to do...you suck as a mom!" AND I couldn't come up with a defensible argument to that point.  However, I will say, that I HAVE recognized my weaknesses and I am making a plan to face them head-on!!

Wish me luck because 6 months passes quickly and I think I might give my kids a heart attack if I hit them with all these "off limit" activities in one week...LMAO!


  1. Add play with glow sticks in the tub (in a dark bathroom). It's clean night time fun!

    Filling a tub with shaving cream and dropping the kids in it is fun too.

  2. LMAO oh my friend...I am in for ALL OF THIS!!!! I need pictures of it ALL so don't forget to document for PROOF!!!! LOL I am so excited for the sundae party I have to tell ya...I've got the ice cream bought - NO JOKE!!! Was going to host this one but since have to cross it off the bucket list I will refrain and just ENJOY!!!!

    You'll LOVE it all Ging I PROMISE YOU!!!! Take them to the 16th Ave puddle - you might as well go big right!! LOL

    Love ya and you are an AMAZING MOM!!!! (crazy sure but you can be crazy AND amazing) lol

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  5. Oh my mom reminded me of another good clean activity. Give the kiddos buckets of water and house painting brushes and let them "paint" the house (or each other). My kids LOVE it!

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