Sunday, September 8, 2013

Preschool. Building Independence. Theirs AND Mine.

Ave and Bryce started Preschool last Friday.  

I THINK this is where I am suppose to say something along the lines of, "I am just so heart broken.  I cried and cried that first day, thinking about how our 24/7 time together was coming to an end and how I WISH I could just have of them HERE, at home, with ME!"  But honestly, I don't feel that way.  Not really.  And for me AND my children, this is a good thing.  A really good thing.  Let me explain...

Don't get me wrong.  I do have moments of feeling like the time has gone way too fast and I can get a tiny bit choked up when I think about a time, that I know is not too far off, when I wont be the center of their universe and how I will be the last person they will want to "hang with".  I do.  Honest.  However, I also think about how my #1 job as their mom (next to lovin' them with all my heart) is to teach them and guide them to become respectful (and respected), loving (and loved), responsible...INDEPENDENT human beings.  And for me, heading off to Preschool is the first step of so many ahead in seeing them achieve this.  It's also a stepping stone for me in regaining some of my independence, even if it's only for 2 1/2 hours a day, 2 days a week.

Anywho, back to the first day of preschool...

We had been talking about school for some time and when the day finally arrived for them to get "suited up" their eyes could have lit a dark room.  They were so excited to meet their teacher.  They were a tad disappointed when I loaded them into the van though...they had assumed they'd be going to school on a bus like all the other "kids" do on TV.  LMAO!  Ave was all about making some new friend while Bryce was more concerned about whether there would be trucks for him to play with or not...LOL!

On the first day, parents were expected to stay with their children to alleviate any separation anxiety so you can imagine the teachers surprise when Bryce kept asking when I was going home.  It was only a 1 hour introduction class but I already know that they are going to grow leaps and bounds in their new environment.  I am also pretty sure that my son is going to give his teacher a run for her money because as she handed him his school bag and snack kit (which they provide for each child), this is the conversation that ensued:

Ave had just been handed her bag and pink snack kit to which she replied, "Thank you.  I love pink.  Pink is my favorite color!"

Teacher- "Bryce, please come up and get your bag and snack kit".  In her hand was a green container.
Bryce- "Oh  This is not going to work."
Teacher- "Why?  Why is this not going to work?"
Bryce- "Blue is my favorite color.  Not green."
Teacher- "Oh.  Well I'm sorry but there are no blue snack kits, only green ones.  That's ok right?  This one will work."
Bryce- "'s not really ok.  This will not work."
Teacher- "Well then,  I guess you wont be able to bring any snacks to school because all I have to give you is a green snack kit."
Bryce- As he stepped up to get the bag and kit he says, "I was just kiddin'.  Green is my second favorite color."

Now that I think about, she might just give BRYCE a run for his money (or toys?!?!).  LOL!

Speaking of Independence and snacks,  Check out this great idea someone on Facebook posted about getting kids to make their own snacks/lunches.  I came home with the kids after their first day and saw this totally AWESOME plan and put it immediately into place.

In order to help them gain independence and feel in control, they will be responsible for "making" their own preschool snacks...

They can pick ONE snack from the black basket 

and they can pick ONE snack from the fridge container.

How'd it work you ask??  Like a charm.  Check out how excited they were to make their own snacks tonight before bed.  I should have got Daddy Dave to take a picture of how excited I was too!! LOL!

Sure looks like he loves his green snack kit now eh?

Ave knew exactly what she wanted and wasted no time picking out her selections.  Hence why I only have one pic of her in action...

Bryce on the other hand wanted some "input" on what to take...

They both put their snacks in their kits...

I poured the drinks because I'm they are not quite ready for that yet...LOL!

And into the fridge they went.  I have let them know that it is their responsibility to remember to grab their snacks before we leave for school.  Again, the whole independence thingie.

I am now off to plan what I will do with my independent time.  Maybe I'll allow myself to think of what makes me sad about them growing up so I can cry and feel like a "normal" mom...

Naw!  I think I'll go grab a coffee in some quaint coffee shop and "people watch" (Maybe I need to come up with some "other" exciting ways to be independent...LMAO!).



  2. I didn't cry either. (I danced a jig. Ya know, in my head and stuff.)

  3. Those babies have gotten so big!!!

    Enjoy pre-k. The kids and you will have such fun in your absence. Love Bryce's inner snack box dilemma. He sounds like a funny kid.

    Kindergarten will likely make you cry, no matter how much you are enjoying your independence. 5 days a week all day long is pretty darn hard. Start prepping yourself for it now. ;)

  4. I wanted to dance my way out of preschool this year. No tears over here, not when any of mine went to school. I personally enjoy the break from them.

  5. Awwwe please girl, "normal" moms go to the mall and act like "normal" kid-free people to mourn/celebrate the moment.

    Enjoy the people watching :)



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