Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm Back. I MEAN "their" back! 25 Days of Elf on the Shelf...

Ok, so I am NOT dead.  I am just BUSY!!  Life has really seemed to get in the way changed the amount of time I have to blog.  That being said, it HAS NOT gotten in the way of planning and preparing for another "ROUND"of Elf on the Shelf for Ave & Bryce.

Like LAST YEAR, I have developed a PLAN-O-ACTION and I also intend to take daily pictures to share the wonderful and often amusing adventures of Ave's Elf, Tangled AND Bryce's Elf, Guy.

I should probably disclose at this time that GUY is...ummmm....missing.  Yes.  Yes, he is actually MIA.  Between taking him to Florida last year and then back (maybe? I think?!?!) he has decided to play a "trick" on this Mama and well, I AIN'T laughing.  At. All.  (I suppose Karma is a $itch! LMAO!)

Since we are 4 days away from ElfMania 'round here, I went out and bought ANOTHER "Guy" and I should ALSO probably disclose at this time that THIS Elf is not the same ethnicity as the original "Guy". WTH?  Allow me to explain....the NEW "Guy" is Caucasian and the old "Guy" was...ummmm....not.

It is with great hope that neither my son nor my daughter notices the ethnic difference and it is with GREATER hope that the original "Guy" shows up in the next 4 days so I can return the NEW "Guy" we can avoid any awkward moments and/or conversations at this time because they are ONLY 3 1/2 and I really DO NOT want them to figure out that Elf on the Shelf is some made up behavioural modification tool to make mine and MANY parents lives a little more "easy" for 25 days of the year...you know what I'm saying.  RIGHT?!?!?!

Anywho, without further delay, here is this year's 25 Days of Elf on the Shelf Starring Tangled and (new, possibly...HOPEFULLY...original) Guy:

Dec 1st-  THEY’RE BACK!!!! Elves will leave a special note with the Elf on the Shelf Movie with some popcorn and treats to watch in the morning to remind them of the “rules”!!!
Dec 2nd- Elves will deliver their personalized decorated mini Christmas trees to kid’s rooms in the morning
Dec 3rd-  Elves will have covered the bathroom mirror with shaving cream and wrote “I peed and poo’d in your potty just like you!”  The toilet will have a few mini-marshmallows and green or red food coloring in it.
Dec 4th- The Elves will have left a note saying that they are late getting back from the NORTH POLE this morning…when they return from pre-school the backyard will be a blow-up Winter Wonderland!
Dec 5th- Elves will leave poorly wrapped gifts under the tree and they will have tape and matching paper stuck to them while they hang form the tree
Dec 6th- The Elves will be doing their morning exercises on the mantel with marshmallow weights.
Dec 7th- Elves will be driving Ave’s Barbie Car with one of her Barbies and one of Bryce’s truck with his military man on the mantel.
 Dec 8th- The Elves will have wrapped gifts for them to bring to their friends birthday party in the afternoon…the kitchen and/or living room will be decorated for a birthday party with them and some of their toys wearing hats!
Dec 9thElves will be sticking out of a box of Rice Krispie Cereal with a tray of Rice Krispie Treats to bring to their friends at pre-school!
Dec 10th- Elves hold a sign that tells the kids to go look in the mirror and they will be holding a paintbrush with red paint on it. (Paint kids noses red at night/early morning)
Dec 11th- The Elves will be sliding down the stairs banisters in one of each of their shoes.
Dec 12thElves will have put crepe paper across the opening of the top of the stairs and bottom of the stairs for them to “break threw” in the morning!
Dec 13th-  Elves will have replaced every single picture in the house with pictures of themselves and left a camera for each of them to take their own pictures.
Dec 14th  Elves will have something special for the kids to bring to see Santa at their Christmas Party today.
Dec 15th  Elves will have strung new underwear from one end of the mantel to the other
Dec 16th  Elves will be ice skating on a bowl frozen with water and candy canes for skates.
Dec 17th- Elves will be hanging from the top loft to the family room in slinkies.
Dec 18th- Elves will have crepe-papered their playroom entrance.
Dec 19th- Elves will be having a “snowball” fight with cotton balls or mini marshmallows
Dec 20th- Elves will be “tied” up to the beam in the kitchen with all of the plastic army guys holding them hostage.
 Dec 21st Elves will be having a tea party with all of Ave’s dolls/barbies
Dec 22ndElves will be hanging on the computer with a special message from each of them from Santa (through a website that I need to find…LMAO!)
 Dec 23rd - Elves will be hanging from the fireplace with a “Santa Bag” of small gift bags to bring to their pre-school friends.
Dec 24th  Elves will bring a special “Christmas Eve” package with PJ’s, a movie and treats.
Dec 25th- Elves will serve a special Christmas breakfast to say “good-bye” and the kids will be allowed to touch them to give them a hug bye-bye…until next Christmas or until they are bad…LMAO!

This year’s “back-ups” for misbehavior and/or braking the rile of NO TOUCHING…
  Elves will be hanging from our “That’s It!  I’m calling Santa” sign with a “naughty note” hanging form it! (misbehavior)

2.      *  Elves will be “sick in bed” the following day OR day after depending on how “intentional” the TOUCH was. (breaking the NO TOUCHING rule)

Come on back on the 8th of December to check out IF I stayed to the "plan" or not (likely not).  Regardless, I am sure it will be tons of fun to read and see!!

Happy Elfing Everyone!

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