Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elf on the Shelf 2013. Days 1-7...

Those little elves have been BUSY 'round these parts!

Check out what Tangled & Guy have been up to this week at our house...

*Click on photos to see it enlarged*

December 1st
The Elves arrived by landing in their stockings and bringing them an Advent calendar for the month...along with a little "rule reminder" note about not touching them and behaving.  LOL!

December 2nd
They made a quick "pit stop" in my hometown of Porcupine, ON to bring them some special presents from our friends.  Thanks again Karen, Kevin, Darcy & Megan! xoxoxo  (We like to spread out the Christmas "LOVE" and I couldn't think of a better way to do it than having their Elves bring them some gifts from loved ones throughout the month!  I feel they appreciate it things more that way....)

December 3rd
Tangled and Guy brought them their own Christmas Trees for their rooms!  Ave & Bryce LOVE that their lights come on every morning and shut off every night when Santa "flips the switch from the North Pole"...truly magical!

December 4th
They SAW London...They SAW France....they brought Ave & Bryce some new UNDERPANTS!!!

December 5th
Tangled & Guy thought they'd just "SLINK" around for the day.  You should have seen Ave & Bryce's surprised looks when they saw them hanging from the loft down to the living room.  Bryce asked if he could try that and I said..."UMMM....NO! " LOL!  They also brought them some really cool projection night lights for their bedrooms...

December 6th
Oral hygiene is pretty important around this house AND so is candy (from time to time).  Sooooo, these naughty little elves wrote them a special message on the bathroom mirror, brought them a cool lollipop treat AND most importantly NEW toothbrushes!!

December 7th 
The kids LOVE that Daddy Dave reads to them every night, so Guy & Tangled thought it was time for some new books for the holiday season.

Well, those were the adventures of the week.  Be sure to come back next weekend to see what these Elves have been up too!

Happy Elfing Everyone!

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