Monday, December 16, 2013

Elf on the Shelf. Days 8-14. Tobagganing, baking and camping...

It was another busy week around this house Elf-ing around!  Tangled and Guy were up to some pretty naughty BUT mostly, fun adventures.  Check it out...

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Note:  Click on pictures to  enlarge

Day #8-  Those silly Elves decided to toboggan down the stairs in the kids shoes.  They brought them some warm slippers to wear no but NO!, no you cannot slid down the stairs in them too.  Sorry Bryce.

Day #9-  Tangled and Guy got into a box of Rice Krispies and decided to make Ave & Bryce some treats to bring to their classmates at pre-school on Monday morning. Thanks guys! 

Day #10-  The kids were so surprised and in awe to see all the adventures their Elves have been participating in while they've been out of the house or sleeping. They had hung over 22 pictures of themselves all around the living room.

 Since Tangled & Guy had so much fun snapping photos, they brought the kids some new cameras so they could try their hands at photography too!

Day #11-  It was time to play a game.  Ave & Bryce's favorite game...HIDE n' SEEK!  They were quick to find those Elves hiding in some glasses in the kitchen cupboard.  

Day #12-  Tangled & Guy decided to take ride on Rudolph today.  They left the kids some super-cool growing Christmas thingies.  It kept them entertained and engaged for the rest of the week as their tree and snowman grew in a  bowl of water!!

Day #13-  It was time to get CLEAN!  Those silly Elves decided to take a cotton ball bubble bath!  They left them a little something special to drop in the tub when they had their next bath.  They turned out to be socks...awesome!!

Day #14-  The countdown to camping season is on!  Tangled and Guy pitched a tent right under our Christmas Tree and had a little camping PAR-tay!  The kids LOVED their new sleeping bags and joined the Elves for a little camping "slumber party" in the morning!

Happy Elf-ing Everyone!!

See you next week for more Elf on the Shelf Adventures!

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