Monday, December 2, 2013

Gumby-fy your Elf. Time to get that little Santa Spy WIRED...

Have you ever wondered how some of those Elf on the Shelf's do all those really cool things in some of those pictures you see floating around the net?  

How the heck is THAT elf sitting all on it's own without it being tied or propped up against something?

 How'd DOES that Elf keep their legs up in the air like that?? did I wonder.  Then I was told my Elves needed to get "WIRED".  My girlfriend swore up and down that it was as easy as pie to do but I avoided it like the plague all last season.

However, today, in the midst of a blizzard and while the kids had their afternoon nap...I GUMBY-fied Tangled and Guy AND GUESS WHAT?  It was easy peasy!

I took pictures to "prove" just how simple the process is (which only took 20 minutes per Elf)  and I can't wait for these Elves to do some very interesting pranks this know, now that they are WIRED...LMAO!

*To view pictures closer, just click on the image*

Step #1 (Legs & Torso)
Gather your supplies;  Wire, wire cutters, stitch ripper, needle and red thread, scissors & of course your elf

Step #2
Using the stitch ripper, make a slit in the bottom of one of the legs

Step #3
Using the stitch ripper, make a small incision on the very top of the leg and very bottom of the torso.

Step #4
Cut a piece of wire the length of the entire Elf (from the neck to the toe), leave a little extra (you can cut this off once it is in and just before you sew).
Step #5
Feed the wire through the bottom of the leg all the way to the top of the leg and find the small incision you made and poke the wire through...
Step #6
Now poke this wire through the incision you made at the bottom of the Elf's torso and then push the wire all the way up to the bottom of the neck.

Step #7 
Now snip any extra wire off so that it will slip to the length of the leg and sew this closed.

Repeat this process for the other leg.

Step #8 (Arms)
Using the stitch ripper, make a slit at the top of the arm of the Elf by the shoulder.

Step #9
Cut a piece of wire the length of the Elf's arm and feed it through the slide it down to the Elf's mitt, cut off any excess wire and sew it shut.

Repeat this process for other arm.

Done, done AND done!!

9 (or so) Easy Steps to making your family's Elf THAT MUCH MORE exciting and functional!

Happy Elfing Everyone!


  1. LOL LOVE the pose lolol

  2. LOL at the double entrende of wired Christmas elf. Now I'm going to chuckle everytime I see an elf in the store.

    PS: I think you're doing a fantastic job with the TTMAC. Very proud of you girl

  3. You just upped the ante for elves everywhere.

    I bow to you...

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