Sunday, January 5, 2014

The last 4 days of Elf on the Shelf.

I know Christmas is over and the New Year has begun but I never got to post the last 4 days of Tangled and Guy's adventures.  So without further delay...

Day 22- It was off to the Royal Christmas Ball!!  There is no denying that Tangled and Guy have "style"!

Day 23-  We had a special visitor and we are not talking about Santa (but he also came via a blow-up)!!  The Weather Network stopped by the house to do an interview with the kids and myself to find out what the Elves had been up to all month.  Tangled and Guy were very busy the night before recreating many of their adventures so the cameras could "capture" the magic of Elf on the Shelf!

If you didn't get a chance to see us in action, Click here to us on THE WEATHER NETWORK!!  The segment ran for a few days and was posted online on their website.  Ya, were kinda stars 'round these parts...LOL!

Day 24-  Since the kids and the Elves made their big TV DEBUT the day before, tangled and guy thought it would be good to continue on the path to stardom and set up the Karaoke machine.  Ave & Bryce had a blast all morning singing LOUD & PROUD.  By nap time mommy the Elves had had enough and the Karaoke machine disappeared by the time the kids awoke...LOL!

CHRISTMAS DAY- Alas, the last day had arrived and Tangled and Guy left the kids a really nice letter telling them how much fun they had over the last 24 days.  They also let Ave & Bryce know that they were allowed to hug and kiss them good-bye for a few minutes as Santa would magically lift their powers so that they could say good-bye. 

Well, I must say it has been such a fun and entertaining Elfing season.  I hope you have enjoyed following Tangled & Guy's adventures.  I know for a FACT that they are safely back at the North Pole planning all the crazy-filled days of fun and laughs for December 2014.

Until next season...HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE!!

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