Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday's Tip of the Week- Cheap Bento Boxes

I love Pinterest.  It seems that my time to get on there and checkout all the cool and ingenious ideas has dwindled down to a few minutes here and there.  BUT, when I do I ALWAYS seem to find a gem or two and this one was too good not to share with everyone...


Apparently, these little snackin' boxes are the "new-in" thang for parents...I mean kids.  So, when I started looking at getting one for Ave & Bryce in the stores I was appalled at the cost of these cute, convenient contraptions.  AND THEN, Pinterest came to the rescue!!  Here is how to make some affordable but extremely functional Bento Boxes for your kiddos...

1.  Head to your local Dollarstore and pick up a small utility/tackle box.  Just make sure they have compartment sides that slide out so you can make a variety of different size compartments within the box.

2.  Let your imagination run wild with all the yummy deliciousness you can fill them with (adjust compartment sizes according to what you are filling the box with.  Be sure to keep those sliding "walls" somewhere safe so you can readjust the sizes next time you need too!)....

3.  And then watch the kids sit in GOLDEN silence as they snack away!

I hope to be able to share a tip or two from time to time so please stay tuned!

Happy May Long Weekend Everyone!

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