37 Random Facts To Help You Get To Know Me Better

Being new to the Blogging World, I have “jumped” to and from several blogs over the past couple weeks and one of my favorite things to see on the main page is a section of random facts about the author.  I find it to be such a great way to get to know someone, their writing style, if they have a sense of humor and ultimately if we could have a “connection” of some sort. 

I am guilty of shoplifting bloglifiting this idea and have included the following 37 random facts about myself in hopes that it may help you get to know me, my sense of humor and maybe we’ll make a “connection”!!

  1. My legal given name is Ginger.  It is not a “nickname” or the short form of Virginia, as often thought.
  2. My hair is not red.  It’s brown.
  3. I was born in November in the year 1973.  Although my mom can’t remember what time, my weight or length…I just make it up when asked.
  4. I use to tell people that my older sister’s name was Cinnamon.
  5. My sister’s actual name is Cher. (I think my mom wanted famous kids)
  6. When I was being baptized, the Minister did not approve of my non-Christian name and so he whispered my first name and belted out my middle and last name during the service.
  7. I’ve never much liked my name, especially after seeing my first “men’s magazine” with an advertisement that read “For a red hot, good time call Ginger”.
  8. When I moved across the country in my early 20’s, my intention was to be known by my middle name, Beverly.
  9. I was so overwhelmed and excited by the move that I forgot to change my “identity”. 
  10. I like my name, now that I am older and wiser. (It’s a great conversational starter)
  11. When my husband and I first met, we did not AT ALL like one another.
  12. He fell hard for me the next time we were together. (Ok, I was smitten by him too.)
  13. I now try not to “judge a book by its cover” when I meet new people.
  14. We did not live together before we were married.  He moved in to the house that we bought together the day after we said our vows.
  15. I strongly believe that a person's physical appearance does not determine if they are "ugly" or not.
  16. Orange is my favorite color.  I have many “things” orange, just not clothes. ( I have this “thing” about looking like a pumpkin.)
  17. I have an aversion to pumpkins.
  18. I once drove my parent’s new vehicle into the back of another car while looking at a cute boy on the street.
  19. I told my parents the person stopped suddenly…I have never confessed the truth, until now.
  20. I don't lie.  However, I have been known to use a "white lie" from time to time. (See above)
  21. I almost always forget but I have a hard time forgiving.
  22. I love to shop.  More for others than for myself.
  23. I love to shop so much that my spare room in the basement could be featured on “Hoarders”
  24. However, I rarely buy anything that is not on sale or on clearance.
  25. I don’t think you can ever say “I Love You” too much.
  26. My husband and I have written each other morning love notes since the day we were married.
  27. I hope that never ends.
  28. I think the word “retarded” is the vilest word…EVER!  It should be against the law to use.
  29. I believe in freedom of speech. (Just not the use of the above mentioned word.)
  30. I love to debate…I hate to fight.
  31. Red Wine is my “reward” for a day gone good.
  32. Red Wine is my “reward” for a day gone bad.
  33. I have an addictive personality.
  34. I am addicted to: planning parties, scrapbooking, anything Food Network related, food in general, reality TV (shameful, I know), diet coke, taking pictures and now….blogging!
  35. I couldn’t survive without PVR. (Ok, I could but I so wouldn’t want too!)
  36. I believe in karma, the paranormal, reincarnation and all things physic.
  37. I believe in God, religion, creation and the hereafter.
  38. I contradict myself constantly.
  39. I can see both sides of almost everything.  In the words of Dr. Phil “No matter how flat the pancake, there’s always two sides.”
  40. I sometimes think that I am funnier that I really am.
  41. I am a great talker but a better listener.
  42. I must always have something to “look forward too” or else I get bored and in to "trouble".
  43. I have laughed so hard that I have peed my pants. (I wasn’t a child either)
  44. Everyday I remind myself- “Inch my inch life’s a cinch…yard by yard life is hard!” (Thanks mom!)
  45. I believe in clichés, despite how silly they sound sometimes.
  46. I am a horrible speller.  As I am sure you will discover, even with “spell-check”.
  47. I know I said only “37 facts” but I am extremely long-winded!


  1. These are great... feel like I know you. This page is new right? Surely I wouldn't have missed a gem like this when I first discovered your blog.

  2. LOVE this list! It cracked me up right away that you just make up what time you were born and your birth weight. That's so incredibly unimportant, but I guess it does come up from time to time!

    I definitely need to beef up my "about" information soon. Mine's pretty mundane...and I really don't consider myself a mundane person! HA!

  3. Hey Johanna....yes a new page...very exciting! I keep bloglifiting ideas from others! LOL Thanks for stopping by again!

    MandyE So happy you came by and even happier that I cracked you up...as if though, who doesn't know those things about their kids or AT LEAST have it written down somewhere...only my mom! :) I will keep an eye out for your updated info!

  4. LOVED your 37 things - I love the fact that you called your sister Cinnamon (one of my best spices!) and make up your birth stats but most of all, seriously, every day you two write love notes? Even with the twins? You're a rock star!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad I found you!
    Love this list! I agree with a bunch of them, but I am definitely with you on #40! My own mother actually once told me, "You don't have to tell jokes all the time. Not everyone thinks you're as funny as you do." Um, thanks Mom.

  6. This was very fun to read--I always feel like doing one like this after I read someone's.

    I love the name Ginger! I know one little girl named Ginger and she has black hair.

    PVRs are the best, and I too see both sides of the pancake. Drives my husband crazy when he tells his work stories. (He's a police officer.)

  7. I love #44...and I can't believe you don't like pumpkins!? I LOVE PUMPKINS!!!! Karen

  8. Wow..... I loved it when mom called you SPICY :)
    Do u remember that???
    I always loved your personality..... Your Soooo bubbly and funny...thanks for shaing your blog I will keep checking it out......cause I know you will put a smile on my face ....love u cuzzz XO

  9. I like your name :) but I like your sisters better. original parents I say.x




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