All About Ave

Ave is the oldest, by 1 minute. Her twin brother Bryce is ONLY THAT MUCH younger and I look forward to the future squabbles between them regarding their birth order. Ave sat breech the entire pregnancy but managed to move or perhaps “shuffle” from one side to the next…never resting.  In fact the ONE day she didn't move, we headed straight to emergency, that's how consistant she was (Everything was fine, apparently she decided to take it easy that day).   I always got the “feeling” that she was in a big rush to meet the world. LOL! She was a whopping 3 ounces heavier than her brother when born but is almost 2 pounds lighter than him now. She has never really stopped “movin’ & grovin’” since conception.

My husband and I had no difficulty in choosing her first name and it was also a cinch for us when it came to her middle name, Linnet. We used the first 3 initials of my mom’s first name, Linda and the last 3 initials of my husbands mothers first name, Janet. Ave’s name is something unique and special to me and to my husband and you can read all about THAT here.

Ave is a very strong, independent little girl. She likes to be the leader and rarely follows, something I hope she continues to do throughout her life, respectfully.  Her personality can sometimes come across as assertive but she is a very generous and caring individual. She is the first to give her little brother a kiss when his feelings have been hurt…even if she was the one who hurt them. :)

She is a VERY “smart cookie” and learns things quickly. She seems to “know things” before they are even taught to her and I have a feeling that school work and success may come ‘easier” to her than most.  However, I do worry that she may "out-smart" me in her teenage years...LOL!

Her smile is infectious and her giggles warms my heart. For no reason, whatsoever, she will stop what she is doing to come and give me a kiss, words can not express how tremendously special that makes me feel.

She can be found at any given moment, on any given day, cuddling and “kissing” her stuffed doggie and/or toting around her “blanket“. She is a natural nurturer with a keen sense of order and boundaries (meaning do not try and take her stuffed doggie or “blanket“).  When this “order” or boundaries are violated, she has no trouble “putting her foot down” (literally) to set things straight again.

Ave’s eyes are as wide as the world and the sparkle within them makes me feel like the sky will be the limited to what she can achieve. 

I love my daughter more than life itself and look forward to each passing day as she grows and develops into this (not always) perfect little being.


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