Bit 'Bout Bryce

Bryce is the youngest of the family, by 1 minute. His twin sister Ave is  ONLY THAT MUCH older and I look forward to the future squabbles between them regarding their birth order.  Bryce laid on top of his sister during the entire pregnancy and didn’t move all that much, I always got the “feeling” that he was in absolutely no rush to meet the world. LOL! He was a whopping 3 ounces lighter than his sister when born but is almost 2 pounds heavier than her now.

My husband and I had a difficult time in coming up with his first name, which you can read about HERE, but it was a cinch for us when it came to giving him his middle name, Barohn. We used the first 3 initials of my dad’s first name, Barry and the last 3 initials of my husbands fathers first name, John. Dave thinks that Bryce Barohn is a strong name that will serve him well in the future, especially on the school yard, should anyone choose to “pick” on him. I just think it flows quite nicely and is a wonderful way to honour both his grandfathers.

Bryce is a very loving little boy. He “smizes” like no one else I have ever seen, including Tyra Banks herself. He is pretty laid back (most of the time) and often lets his sister “take the lead”...unless, she try’s to take his Tonka truck, which he spends a good part of his “playtime” pushing from one end of the room to the next.

His feelings can become easily hurt but he seems to embrace the “forgive n’ forget” philosophy when it comes to conflict. When he doesn’t get what he wants his temper is a force to be reckoned with, so I feel very blessed that he generally doesn’t want too much of what he can’t have.

When my son laughs you can’t help but laugh along with him until your belly hurts. I absolutely adore it when he runs into my arms and gives me the biggest hug and a huge smile that says “I love you mom!” It’s so pure, innocent and genuine that I wish I could bottle it and have it “on hand” for his teenage years.

He loves, loves. L-O-V-E-S books and is always looking around the world with big inquisitive eyes, pointing as if to say "WOW!  Look at that!".  He equally likes to touch everything and anything and gets this look on his face that says to me "I know I shouldn't be touching this but I just can't help it...I gotta explore!"  His determination to "touch, taste, feel, smell & hear" everything around him is so impressive and admirable.  I'd like to think that this is indicative of his commitment to a “life of learning & discovery”.

If you were to meet him in the “real world” he would great you with the biggest smile and a coy head tilt that would melt your heart....UNLESS you came to his house.  Then you would find a very “protective”, uneasy little boy who’s glares and/or screams may send you running out the front door. (He’s not fond of people in his home, touching his things) Have I mentioned that Bryce not only looks like Daddy Dave, he is very much “like” Daddy Dave. LOL!

I love my son more than life itself and look forward to each passing day as he grows and develops into this (not always) perfect little being.


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